Dale Atkinson is by most definitions a 'narrative artist', but not a 'start to finish' one and not a particularly obvious one.

Beginning with the human figure as both subject and vehicle, his images, like fragments of a larger lost performance, rely upon the dynamo of suggestion to move them forward. Swimmers who've swum until they're lost, insomniacs laying traps for sleep or sons who inevitably become their fathers will occupy the same uncertain arenas as chairs remembered from childhood and yesterday's bully. They tap into a short circuited world of intrusive sub plot where reason, if it exists, is the dummy pill and transient conspiracies of figures, objects, shapes and colour are left to guide the dialogue.

As a painter his approach from the first mark to the last is consciously one of endless shifts and interrogations. Initial stimuli can take root and develop, or survive only as fossilised traces, consumed by the painting’s own evolving direction. If you need a central theme then imagine a circular relationship between what we know or expect and the disarming, yet oddly more real, undertow of internal chatter lurking just beneath - a kind of anti-reason, that recognises itself and yet hopefully, instinctively continues to recalibrate.

Born in Sunderland, Atkinson first studied at Sunderland Art College and then at Newcastle University. Now living in Gateshead he has exhibited nationally and internationally throughout his professional career. Atkinson’s paintings and drawings are held in public and private collections throughout the UK, USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

February 2017


Born 1962 Sunderland, Co Durham
1981-82 Sunderland Art College
1982-86 University of Newcastle upon Tyne
1986-89 Bristol
1989-99 Newcastle upon Tyne
1999- Gateshead, Tyne and Wear


Selected Solo

2017 Beeswinged, Gallagher and Turner, Newcastle
2013 News from Home, University Gallery, University of Northumbria
2009 Artist in Residence (2005-08), Kings Place Gallery, London
2009 University Gallery, University of Northumbria
2005 Paintings and Drawings, University Gallery, University of Northumbria
2003 Almost Icarus, University Gallery, University of Northumbria
2002 Recent Work, University Gallery, University of Northumbria
2000 Recent Work, Gallagher and Turner, Newcastle
1997 The Samling, Dovenest, Cumbria
1997 The Maggot Bites Again, University Gallery, University of Northumbria
1994 Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, Sunderland
1994 Tullie House, Carlisle
1993 Middlesbrough Art Gallery
1991 Recent Work, Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic Gallery
1990 On the Threshold of Meaning, Plymouth City Art Gallery (two man)
1988 Recent Work, Anne Berthoud Gallery, London W1
1987 Recent Work, Anne Berthoud Gallery, London W1
1986 Recent Work, Anne Berthoud Gallery, London W1

Selected Group

2017 The Art of Menschlichkeit, Nicholas Treadwell Gallery, Vienna
2016 Drawings from Henry Moore to David Hockney, Mottisfont, Hampshire
2016 The Next Generation: Self -Portraiture in the 21st Century, Piano Nobile, London
2013 Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Competition, Kings Place Gallery, London
2010 University Gallery, University of Northumbria
2007 Winter Show, University Gallery, University of Northumbria
1999 Derby Museum & Art Gallery, Derby
1999 Soccerarti, Wembley, London
1998/99 Recent Work, ING Barings, London
1998 Croydon Clocktower Art Gallery, London
1998 Tullie House, Carlisle
1998 Walsall Museum & Art Gallery, Walsall
1998 Lyrical Orientations, Beatrice Royal, Eastleigh
1997 Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle
1997 Summer Show, Beatrice Royal, Eastleigh
1996 Gallery Goetz, Basel, Switzerland
1996 Europ' Art, Geneva, Switzerland
1996 Washington Arts Centre, Tyne and Wear
1996 Maclaurin Gallery, Ayr, Scotland
1996 Art 96, London Contemporary Art Fair
1995 University Gallery, University of Northumbria, Newcastle
1995 Hong Kong Contemporary Art Fair
1995 Nicholas Treadwell Gallery, Miami Art Fair, U.S.A
1995 Nicholas Treadwell Gallery, Strasbourg, France
1995 Contemporary Art Fair, London
1994 Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fair, Universal Studios.
1994 Money Money, Galerie Goetz, Basel, Switzerland
1994 Christopher Hull Gallery, London
1993 Open Door, Holborn, London
1993 Smith's Galleries, Covent Garden, London
1992/93 Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno, Wales
1992 St David's Hall, Cardiff
1992 Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery, Glasgow
1992 Gray Art Gallery and Museum, Hartlepool
1992 Ship of Fools, Acorn Gallery, Liverpool
1991 A View of the New, Royal Overseas League
1991 Sunderland Museum and Art Gallery
1990 British Painters, Blue Stone Gallery, Anchusa, California
1987 Contemporary British Art, Anne Berthoud Gallery
1986 Works on paper, Anne Berthoud Gallery, London W1


Works held in private collections worldwide and public collections that include:

Dallas Museum of Art, Texas
The Schlee Collection, Southampton City Art Gallery, Hampshire
The Ruth Borchard Collection, London
Hatton Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear
University of Northumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear